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Tenants by their house in Puerto Rico.

Ca. December, 1941

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Dwellers in Circleville’s “Hooverville,” central Ohio

Ca. Summer 1938

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School youngsters, Red House, West Virginia. Ca. October, 1935

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Street corner next to Federal Building where U.S. Dept. of Labor handles naturalization of immigrants.

New York City: 1939

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Why don't you ever post anymore? I always loved your blog. It's a shame you quit posting stuff :-(
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I’ve been quite busy lately with college, I am still around and will try to post more as the year is ending!

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East River Drive, Broome to Delaney Street. WPA Project.

East River Drive, Broome to Delaney Street. WPA Project.

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LOVE your blog!
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Thank you!

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Dorothea Lange’s Migrant Mother. Taken during the Great depression. Destitute pea pickers in California. Mother of seven children. Age thirty-two. Nipomo, California 1936. Restored & colorized by myself.

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October 24th 1929: ‘Black Thursday’

On this day in 1929 the ‘Black Thursday’ stock market crash took place on the New York Stock Exchange, thus beginning the ‘Wall Street Crash’. This was the worst stock market crash in American history and heralded the beginning of the Great Depression. The 1920s had been seeing a period of prosperity and optimism but the markets had been unstable for a few days before the crash. On October 24th the market lost 11% of its value. Stocks continued to fall and in the ensuing Depression 25% of Americans were out of work.

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Amarillo, Texas, general view, Santa Fe R.R. trip. Ca. March, 1943.